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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
[URL] Stern didn't want Nowitzki to choke at the free-throw line, dish to Erick Dampier in the clutch and refuse to drive anywhere near Shaq and the lane in the final minutes. Had Nowitzki gone to the hole as relentlessly as Wade, he would've received the same bogus calls as Wade. Refs can't help rewarding superstars for being aggressive.
This is what hits home to me. As much as I was annoyed by the calls Wade got, it's not a secret that star players get favorable calls, as we'd seen with Dirk in every series leading up to the finals. Everyone knows this, but only one star player took advantage of it, and surprise surprise, his team won. Dirk would've gotten the calls, too, especially at home, had he taken the ball to the hole.
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