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M. Salah

Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
[Stern isn't out to get Cuban. Stern is nowhere near that small or stupid. Cuban, the Mavericks and Nowitzki are three of the best things to happen to Stern's league in the past five years.

It would've been far better for the league had Nowitzki -- one of Stern's white, foreign imports -- won the title and shown the kind of heart and determination Wade displayed. Stern didn't want Nowitzki to choke at the free-throw line, dish to Erick Dampier in the clutch and refuse to drive anywhere near Shaq and the lane in the final minutes. Had Nowitzki gone to the hole as relentlessly as Wade, he would've received the same bogus calls as Wade.
Wait, wasn't somebody on this board just saying the other day that the league would have preferred that the white guy won and been the face of the league? Oh yeah, it was me, a couple pages ago in this thread.

But much like the simple-minded idiots looking for anybody to blame except Nowitzki and his lack of leadership, (and free throw shooting) they decided that it MUST have been David Stern trying to sell a few Wade jerseys in the 'hood that got Miami the title.

To paraphrase an OMane classic: "Maverick fans, I love you retards." *

*Does not apply to Rulon, he's good people.
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