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Emma Watson

Originally Posted by ro_50
There is no fix or the game are rigged. The Mavs lost three games, two of them that they would have won if they would have some timely FT's or converted some chances or found a way to get the ball out of Wade's hands.

Stop complaining and focus on game 6.

Weren't these the same Mavs fan that told some Spurs fans to stop whining and just concentrate on the games just a month ago.
But dude, this is the fans of the MIGHTY DALLAS MAVERICKS. You know? The ones who were going to sweep the Heat. The ones who have the best player in the NBA right now. The ones who have the best owner in the league who behaves like a 3 year old. Initially, i was rooting for the Heat just cause i like Wade but ever since all this b****ing and moaning i hope the Mavericks win. Then i can come back on here and claim that the NBA is fixed and hear how Llama spins that one.
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