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Emma Watson

Originally Posted by Maverick_7
I dont think its whining. According to that article the Heat did well by 1) shaq not doing a post game interview [fined for $10k], and 2) Riley stating that they just need to play better.

So, the heat either refused to talk or took the political stance by saying the "right thing." I understand that some of it on the mavs side might be considered whining, but at the same time I applaud them for standing up for whats going on. a lot of people hate cuban. I attribute that to the fact that people are fans of other teams. Cuban has done a TON to revitalize the game and if he was your owner, you know you'd love him too. Theres NO other owner like him, and being part of the new generation (sorry baby boomers) I think its great.

Oh look, another delusional fan who thinks the Mavs are getting the short end of the stick.
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