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You know, lets go back a month and see how the Spurs talked in the media about the officiating (which was questionable at best during the Spurs-Mavs series), did Pop ever complained about it - NO.

Sure, there were a couple of comments from Bowen and TD, but its wasnt a whiny comment.

Remember how Llama and Bob would potray the Spurs as being whiners and complainers but never insist their team, the Mavs, whine and complain.

All I have to say is once again: WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

Stop the complaining and just play. Tell your owner to stop his whining and immature facial reactions and tell your coach, AJ, who I admire a lot, to act like a professional in the media room.

And tell Dirk to stop kicking exercise bikes on his way out.
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