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Originally Posted by mtbrncofn
You like Tang, CO? Even if he didn't demand the big bucks, you'd still want to keep him around?

I'd like to see him somewhere else and a good defenseman brought in.
If he could be had at a reasonable price, I'd be allright with keeping him, but I can't see that happening. I can see him demanding $4.5 million per season or more and I just don't want to commit that kind of cap space to him.

I've always liked Tanguay. He's caught more crap than he deserved in the past while others got a free pass. But when he's healthy, Tanguay has been one of the top 15-20 forwards in the NHL over the last couple of seasons. Unfortunately, he has this nasty habit of getting injured right before the playoffs and not being 100% for the postseason.

With the nice crop of forwards that the Avs have in the system currently, I'd prefer them to focus their free agent dollars on shoring up the back line. The Avs defensive prospects are few and far between, so they've got to address that issue elsewhere and free agency seems like the most logical choice.
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