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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
I'll offer them the 18th pick, Alex Tanguay + for the 5th pick and take whoever's left of Staal, Toews, Kessel or Backstrom.
Backstrom will probably be the only one left. From what Herc has said earlier, it appears that Chicago and Washington like Toews alot and Carolina is trying to move up for Staal. Our head scout, Greg Malone, may have inadvertently dropped a hint that we will go with Kessel if we don't trade the pick to Carolina (Shero danced around the Carolina/JJ question a few times in the same interview with Malone) and STL takes EJ.

Colorado doesn't really have to move up to 5 if they want to get a real good forward. Frolik is just as good as some of those guys, he just had an off year and will probably drop to the latter half of the Top 10 or even in the 10-15 area. Shouldn't take too much at all to move from 18 up to around 10 or 12.
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