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I'm not too happy NBC cut away when Carolina was still lifting the Cup. God forbid they show that instead of Entertainment fucking Tonight.

I thought it was hilarious that Brind'Amour didn't pose with the Cup with Bettman.

They allowed way too many non-players on the ice for the Stanley Cup presentation. Only players, coaches, and staff should be allowed on the ice for the presentation. Let the families come on towards the end for picture taking and such.

I was rooting for Edmonton, though I have nothing to dislike about Carolina and it was nice seeing Brind'Amour, Weight, Wesley, Hedican and the old guys raise the Cup for the first time. The two teams gave us an excellent finals.

Man, we were so close to getting overtime in game 7. I thought Pisani was going to get his second goal there towards the end of the third period. Imagine the celebration for an overtime goal in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Justin Williams about jumped out of the building after scoring an easy empty netter to clinch the Cup.

I think Chris Pronger has elevated himself above Scott Neidermayer and Niklas Lidstrom as the best defenseman in the NHL. He was incredible this playoffs.
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