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Originally Posted by freak15
Miracles? I don't look at them as such. Wade is uber clutch, I expect him to make those shots now. Besides, that banker wasn't a miracle, it was just a nice move going to his right (can't let him go right in that situation), and he stopped and hung in the air. Really wasn't a difficult shot, its his insane athleticism that got him to beat Griffith and then stop and elevate as Griffith did his best to stay with him, but the incidental contact and momemtum made him hit the deck. Just a great move by a great player. I expect him to make these kind of plays now, Wade has elevated himself the last 2 years into elite superstar status. They could have beaten the Pistons last year if he wasnt hurt.

I meant to say that Wade's performance wasn't a miracle, but to say that two incredible performances from a great player for the Heat to win by the slimmest of margins.

Wade's sensational and downright amazing to watch.
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