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Originally Posted by angryllama
It wouldnt matter if Howard made those free throws or not. Wade would have gotten to the line no matter how many times he shot the ball. Dirk made the shot that should have won the game. Wade countered it by bricking an ill advised low percentage shot among three players and was given an anticipation whistle.

What's much easier is for you to continue to ignore something that is as obvious as daylight in front of your face for the sake of continuing a jealousy-based grudge.
First, I want to congratulate you for having the courage to actually show up after a loss, llama. That's very big and unexpected of you.

If you honestly believe that anyone is jealous of you or your team, you must be living 4 feet up your own ass these days instead of the 3 I estimated before. Your classless organization is the envy of no one.

You won't talk about Howard gagging on his own balls or your hero turning back into a soft jump shooter. Nah, you're a Mark Cuban sheep through and through. You're now just rehashing your conspiracy theories from earlier in the playoffs when the Mavs were on the brink of elimination. Funny to see how you've come back to this after all your chest thumping about breaking out the brooms before.

Proof positive that there is no such thing as accountability with the Mavs. That goes for the organization and the fanbase.
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