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M. Salah

Originally Posted by angryllama
No, because white players dont sell merchandise. How many white players are in the top ten in jersey sales? What about in shoe sales? How about commercial advertising? None there either? This stuff is marketed to inner city black kids and adults.

I hope that you're not a marketing major because your business sense is awful.
No doubt that young kids, whether black or white, buy the jerseys and shoes by the dozen.

But you don't think that the NBA would be interested in having a white icon to promote like the NFL does? You're delusional if you don't think the NBA would love that.

The NBA would love white america to embrace the NBA after many people stopped watching. And furthermore, it's all about ad sales, and ticket sales, and TV revenue. It ain't just throwback jerseys.

Why do you think the NFL is so successful? It's a great game, no doubt. But a huge part of that is because the two most identifiable positions in the game, the QB and the Head Coach, are predominantly white.

But you're right, I'm the one with a terrible business sense.
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