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Originally Posted by DarkHorse30
don't really care who wins. I hate Dallas nearly as much as any team.....but stern has turned the NBA into a laughing stock. Rules shmoolz.....let's get a bunch of retirees reffing a game so social security can be saved......whee.
I have been completely disillusioned by this series. I feel like the idiot who took the bait and got hooked. I dont know if I'll be able to stomach another year of this stuff. From the beginning, the league has marketed their superstar players in the finals. All of the media has concerned Wade and Shaq, with the Jordan comparisons flying wildly about. Then the ref gaffes begin...

One or two missed calls is not a big go on and you play through them. But continued imbalance and inconsistencies have added up over the course of the series to mount to something that shows me I'm an idiot for buying a ticket to an NBA game. The series opener saw Shaq elbow Nowitzki in the face when the two were alone under the basket. an elbow above the shoulders is an ejectable, suspendable offense. To make matters worse, Shaq elbows Stackhouse in the face later in the same game and opens a gash on his nose that requires three stitches to close. The league didnt address either instance. O'Neal has been allowed to throw players around in the lane using his hands and elbows throughout the entire series and has not been called for blocking fouls when sticking his arms out into shooters without making an attempt to block the shot. Later in the series, Udonis Haslem laid a hard blow across Terry's face while Terry dunked the ball. He knocked Terry off balance in the air, and Terry crashed onto his back. This play is no different than the one that Stackhouse hit Joe Johnson with in the playoffs last season. This is now a suspendable offense. Needless to say, neither O'Neal or Haslem were fined or suspended.

There is a double standard when the league addresses illegal play, and there is a double standard when whistling fouls on the floor. Miami has been allowed to hand check and slap at nowitzki for the run of the series, while a breath on Dwyane Wade is called a foul. The worst example of which was the final series of plays in game 5, where Dirk is mugged (fouled by O'Neal) while still hitting the shot with 9.1 left on the clock, and on the other end Wade throws up a shot between 3 players, and is given a "benefit of the doubt" whistle where Craword pegs Nowitzki with a foul, when Nowitzki was clearly playing good defense. The double standard is obvious. This was just one sequence where it was evident. Dwyane Wade shot more free throws than the entire Mavs team.

This series has been officiated with the benefit clearly and blatantly in the favor of the Miami Heat and their star players. The NBA is a joke. Bogus. Bunk. Fixed. A fraud.

They are in the business of selling product. Is it any wonder that the team that they are promoting so heavily is the one on the receiving end of the officiating? They are in the business of controlling consumers, in maintaining revenue, in selling shoes, in selling jerseys to kids.
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