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Allen Iverson

Originally Posted by MightySmurf
I've been playing and watching hockey since 6-7 years before you knew it existed.... the birth of the Colorado Avalanche wasn't the birth of Colorado hockey.

Bandwagoner... heh... cept I've seen every Stanley Cup playoff game over the last four years. I guess you're just not knowledgable enough to understand to excitment and importance of the World Cup.

I go to college, work in the military, play hockey, and have a girlfriend.... I'm on here when I'm at work and sometimes relaxing at home, and I try to squeeze in some time for friends and sports events. Weighing your options is something that us adults do in this world, and I'd much rather be watching the World Cup.
Not only that, but I hear you kicked Chuck Norris' ass in a fight.

Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
If that was wrong, I don't want to be right.
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