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Emanuel Sanders

Originally Posted by Blueflame
Y'know... in polite adult company, calling a lady a "b**ch" is generally considered unacceptable...

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I'm just going to walk away like a civilized human.... I wil say this though, if you find any of my comments sensational, I do exaggerate on the net a little for effect.

I'm about 100% sure you're refering to the time I said I was going to be a Flyers fan, even though that was clearly sarcasm.

"poor chicky" Well I'd definitley rather be with her than you, so thats saying something. I'm really not much into the old and ugly as I'm into the young and good-looking. I like smooth skin, curves, and perky boobs.... not wrinkled, fat, and sag-bags. It's just who I am.

Aren't personal insults such as these reason for banning?
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