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Originally Posted by No1BroncoFan
I just finished "Denver." Damn! That book was brutal. A great read, but brutal. Thanks for the tip, Tredici. I'll definately be looking for more of his work.

Took a few twists and turns to get back to square one didn't it? Dunning has three "bookman" novels and a couple of others without the Janeway character. But I just love the tidbits thrown in about books.

I got on this "local author" kick. Just finished A Cold Dish by Craig Johnson. His main character is a Sheriff in a small Wyoming town. Being the shameless homer I am, I get a kick everytime he mentions his Denver Bronco coffee mug. -- And his best fried Henry Standing Bear. Every year they watch The Game. Broncos vs. Chiefs.

"Dish" was his first published novel. Not a bad effort. I will probably read the next one he comes out with.
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