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Originally Posted by DomCasual
I am a shameless Stephen King fan. I honestly think he writes better than any other modern, popular writer I have read. People have a tendency to get hung up on the genre, and the lameness of almost every movie that has been made out of his books. But he has written some of the best books I have ever read. Of his books, the ones that stand out are:

The Stand
The entire Gunslinger series
The Eyes of the Dragon (Just finished, and really liked it)
The Shining

I also like Michael Crichton. I do think he makes his books a little too "Hollywood-ish." But he researches his subject matter well, and his books are great reads, usually - the kind that keep the pages turning.

i'm a huge fan of the dark tower series. i need to re-read it sometime... truly an epic journey. one of the most creative works i've read, but at the same time, very anti-climactic.

crichton is great as well. i think i've read every book of his except for the andromeda strain... hard to enjoy tech-savvy fiction written back in the late 60s since our world has changed so much since then. 'state of fear' is a good read... admittedly hollywood-ish, but if you can enjoy that, sit back and enjoy the ride. whether or not you agree with the stance the book takes, as someone else noted, it does open your eyes to the actual debate on the global warming issue.
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