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DJ Williams

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco
The only drawbacks are things I have read about his attitude and he doesn't have a good relationship with Crosby based on something that happened awhile ago.

E.J. Hradek as well as a second source talked about a hypothetical swap of the pick to Carolina for Jack Johnson, although Hradek framed it as just an idea, while the latter said there are some legs to it.

1. Kessel is incredibly shy and comes across as having an attitude in interviews because of that. All his teammates supposedly love him.

2. Kessel's mom has had problems with Crosby in the past, Kessel himself hasn't had any.

3. Carolina gets taken if all they receive is the #2 pick for JJ, especially since they don't have any elite D-men in their prospect system.

and at least originally, the trade rumor was that Carolina wanted the #2 pick. Others then started to throw out JJ as the prospect who could get the deal done.

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