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On the Transfer Agreement, from a poster on

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Sport-Express has a fresh interview with Tretiak:

As far as I can translate, the main points:
- Bettman unambiguously stated that if Russia does not sign the agreement, NHL will prevent all Russian players under a contract from participating at 2007 WC (in Moscow, of all places!)
- Bettman specifically mentioned that granting Ovechin a release this year should be considered a goodwill gesture toward Tretiak, and that it will not ever be repeated.
- Tretiak seems to be very much in favor of signing, because he claims Russian players can apparently easily break their contract given Russian labor laws - and Americans allegedly know it very well. In Tretiak's opinion, the real question now stands whether Russians will or will not be able to use their players at the WC next year.
- Tretiak will inform all the RSL team Presidents about the results of negotiations on Friday (6/9). Tretiak hopes they would be able to come with a solution then.

Good job, Gary. Git R Done.
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