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Originally Posted by DivineLegion
Did you watch the game that was bull**** the Refs were terrible. I was sitting in a box about 30 seats from the ice, some of those calls were bull****. The Penelty shot should not have happened Recchi got crosschecked and was on the ground with the puck under him and people falling all over him he wasent trying to freeze it. Half the trips that they called the palyer was in the process of a fall before a canes player ever even got close to them. I have to say that the fans throwing towels on the ice was uncalled for but they were frustrated. Carolina was not skating well in the first two periods but when they got in-sinc they were 10 fold the better team. It pains me to see Roloson hurt I would have loved to see the Oilers lose full strength. Hemskeys goal was sick, Williams goal was sick, and Whitney is just the man what a cluth player...Save the best for last Brind-Amor is a GOD...
I don't think Recchi was even the guy who got called for covering the puck in the crease...correct me if I'm wrong. I remember some bad calls, but that wasn't exactly my point.
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