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Originally Posted by Taco John
I haven't gotten a good enough feel for the team yet to say who needs to stay or go. I've been a pretty casual fan up to this year. I've tried to get into baseball the last few years, but it was difficult because I was trying to do it through the Mariners, and they were done by the end of May. This year I started playing fantasy, and watching a lot more games and getting familiar with the rosters.

And you're right about that... Jose Lopez is kicking some butt out there. I'm not certain which criteria you're using to call him a top 2 second baseman, but he's definitely noteworthy.
Well, right now IMO, there's Chase Utley...and then Jose. He's sported a monsterous slugging percentage throughout his professional career. He's a double's machine and he's just now starting to jack some of those doubles out. Since he's learned to hit the other way he's become a monster. His career numbers compare very favorably to some big names (most notably Tejada). There are VERY few middle infielders out there that I'd rather have now than Jose.

Hargrove is just a bumbling idiot who is incapable of making adjustments, using a bullpen correctly, or getting the most out of his players. Everytime he makes another blunder some blogger out there just tees off...never fails. I mean, he's had his best hitter sac bunting for a good part of the season so far...that's just bad managing.

But, if you're going to become a serious fan, I'd put it off 'til next year. By then, we should have a nice rotation of Felix, Washburn, Daisuke Matsuzaka (Japan's top pitcher), top 5 draft pick, and the ageless Jamie Moyer. Things should be interesting next year...

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