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Originally Posted by Taco John
That's one thing that I'm learning... But it's also to the advantage of the wheeler and dealer...

Tell me if I'm crazy... I'm new at this... But I've already got Nick Swisher holding down the 1 bag... But instinct tells me that having Teix on my roster down the stretch might be a good thing, especially in the dog days of Summer... My buddy is sitting on Teix, and is losing a closer in Baez. Would it be insane for me to offer him Joe Nathan in exchange for Teix, and then pick up Kenny Ray out of Free agency to fill the gap?

My rationale being 'How many closing opportunities is Joe Nathan really going to get with the Twins this year?'
I would trade Nathan for Teixeira in a heartbeat. Tex has been a collosal disappointment this year, but he's still one of the top five power hitters in baseball. I wouldn't be surprised to see him crank 15 HRs in a month and get his numbers close to his normal figures.

I wouldn't underrate Nathan's save opps in the second half. Santana and now Liriano are going to keep them in a lot of close games, but I would still make that trade.
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