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Originally Posted by DeusExShanahan
The line coach may be able to make adjustments on the line, but KC set up the run with passes to Gonzalez which pulled the safety to the opposite side of the field. The system was complex and just because you have the line coach it does not mean you have the same system. Game time adjustments and decisions played a huge role. This is not Edwards forte. My argument is well thought out. At Penn State, LJ was good but not great and that is what you will see in KC this year.

1100 yards is not terrible but he will not run for 2000 yards.
You really shouldn't try to talk football.

LJ ran for 2000 yards at Penn state didn't he? I am not a big college football guy, so I am willing to conceed a point or 2 for that reason. However, I think LJ was, in fact, great at Penn State.

The Chiefs system, however complex was run by the same O line with the same o line coach. Where do you see the complication?

If you think that we threw to Gonzo to open up the run game, you dont know what you're talking about. We ran to open up the passing game. LJ had 350 carries last season starting 9 games.

I dont expect him to run for 2000. Who would? But thats a far cry form 1100. I will say this, if there is any back that will run for 2000 next year, the chances are as good or better for LJ as any other back in the league.

Again, your post is poorly thought out.
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