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Originally Posted by crazyhorse
LJ singlehandedly beat your entire defense last time we met. In the 4th quarter, the donk defense was literally jumping out of the way. How else would LJ have gained 90 yards in the 4th quarter?

I'll bet the donk defense is not looking forward to going against LJ again.

A fluke doesn't plow through your chest and run to the end zone.

LJ beat the donks brains in. You should show more respect.
LJ was a product of Vermeils system which is going to change, Edwards does not have as complete an understanding and the Chiefs have a brand new offensive coordinator. Why did Priest Holmes, a virtual nobody, do so well before LJ? The system. Now the Redskins have it, expect them to show success.

LJ will gain 1100 yards, it will be a surprise.
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