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Tom Brady

Originally Posted by OrangeShadow
I was more talking about tacos team. But i still like the arroyo deal. How often do you get to trade an above average starte(thats what he is) for your future right fielder. Ill take pena everyday especially with lester,alvarez,hansen and delcarmen waiting in the wings.
The deal looks good for 2007 and 2008 because thats when those young arms are ready to roll. For the 2006 season talk to me in August/September if we are Beckett, Schilling Wake and then praying for a rain out. Would you agree we should have tried to unload Clement ? We couldn't because they signed him to that big contract where they screwed Arroyo when he took the hometown discount (when he could have got Millions more)just to stay in Boston and they used his reasonable contract against him. Pena can hit but how about that throw last night and that stumbling catch ?
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