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Peyton Manning

I'm loving it... My buddies talked me into fantasy baseball for the first time ever... I did my homework, drafted smart, and have held the lead ever since. I absolutely love Fantasy Baseball...

Check out my team...

C - J. Willingham
1B - Nick Swisher (1B, OF)
2B - Chase Utley (1B, 2B)
SS - Jose Reyes
3B - Morgan Ensberg
Util - F. Lopez (2B, SS)
OF - J. Bay
OF - B. Abreu
OF - A. Jones

Bench - C. Figgins (2B, 3B, OF)
Bench - E. Chavez (3B)
Bench - K. Johjima (C)

DL - H. Matsui (I know I know... No reason to drop him yet. My team has been healthy)

Here's my pitching staff:

SP - J. Bonderman
SP - J. Beckett
SP - A. Harang
RP - J. Papelbon
RP - J. Nathan
P - A. Otsuka
P - D. Weathers

Bench - J. Lackey (SP)
Bench - R. Clemens (SP)

I had Derrick Lee, but once he got injured and Nick Swisher proved he could hold down the fort, I packaged him and Brad Penny to bring in the Rocket and Chone Figgins. Any thoughts on that trade? It's my first year, so I kind of wonder if I did the right thing there... But I feel good about what Nick's been doing for my team, and I'd really like to get an ace like Roger on the staff...

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