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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange

NEW YORK -- Houston pitcher Russ Springer was suspended for four games Friday after throwing several times at Barry Bonds and eventually hitting the San Francisco star earlier this week.

Astros manager Phil Garner was suspended for one game and fined an undisclosed amount by Major League Baseball.

The strange sequence Tuesday began when Bonds led off the fifth inning of the Giants' 14-3 win. Springer's first pitch went behind the seven-time NL MVP's back, drawing a warning from plate umpire Joe West.

The next three pitches all came inside, including one that hit Bonds' bat handle for strike one. On the fifth pitch of the at-bat, Springer hit Bonds in the right shoulder. Springer and Garner were then ejected, and the crowd gave Springer a standing ovation. Bonds took his base without incident.

Bonds has hit 713 home runs, one shy of matching Babe Ruth for second place on the career list. Hank Aaron holds the record of 755, and many people believe Bonds' accomplishments are tainted because of alleged steroids use.

Unless there is an appeal, Springer will begin serving his suspension Friday night when the Astros host the Texas Rangers. If he appeals, the suspension will be held up pending a hearing.

Garner is scheduled to serve his suspension on Monday when Houston plays at Washington.

Well worth it.
Complete horse ****. There is no reason for that kid to be suspended for four games. B*nds looks like friggin' darth vader at the plate.

I doubt Springer would have been suspended though...if he could have hit him with his first pitch. It took him far too's not like B*nds is getting out of the way of anything.

When the Cardinals come in to Petco a week from tonight...I hope Pujols takes a fastball right in the ass. Hitters today have no fear...because they know that the strike zone is tiny, and that if they are hit...the pitcher will get either ejected, or suspended.

They just can't move anyone off the plate anymore.

Hopefully for the rest of the season B*nds gets intentionally walked with one pitch. With any luck he'll bring out his son again and tell us all how he's been beat down.

What a fag. (No insult to the orangemane's regular baloney bandits intended.)
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