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Originally Posted by The Big E
Wow. I had no idea anything even happened. The league has generally been cracking down much harder this year as far as suspensions go. My initial reaction without seeing it is that they fine but not suspend Terry, but hearing that little biatch Cuban whine about it makes me happy it happened.

BTW, if I was a Mavs fan I'd love having that guy as an owner, but I'm not, so **** him.
You know what this is, right? This is David Stern showing Mark Cuban who the boss is. You don't think Stern had an itch to scratch with Cuban? It seems like every other day Cuban is taking some pot shot at the league and Stern. Stern said, "Okay, keep messing with me." Stern would fine him money but that meant nothing to Cuban because he's got cash. Stern hit'em were it hurt -- suspending his player on a questionable call and Cuban can't do **** about it.
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