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Chad Kelly

Hey Cuban, you want some cheese with that whine.

Mark Cuban, the Mavericks' owner, made the following comments in response to Terry's suspension in an e-mail sent to ESPN on Thursday.
"It's not right, and I told the league so.

"It's certainly not consistent with what the league has done in the past.

"Jason responds to a guy hipchecking him in the head while he is on his back and can't protect himself and he gets suspended. You can't throw a punch while you are on your back and someone is laying on you.

"If Jason had tried to get him off with an open hand, or an elbow, we wouldnt be talking about this at all. Look at [Manu] Ginobli in the replays, he is staring at everything that happens and doesn't respond at all, but all the while you can see the grimace on Jason's face.

"The league also said they didn't know if the [Michael] Finley piledriver with his hip to Jason's head while Ginobli was lying on him was intentional or not. So they couldn't do anything about it.

"Unbelievable. When it's all (said) and done, this series could end up being talked about for all the wrong reasons."
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