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Originally Posted by GonzoLays
Did you watch Inside the NBA afterwards? Kenny the jet showed how you were suppose to guard the three point line, not the basket, when the opposing team is down by three points. I wonder why Ewing was guarding the basket and not the three point line?
I know this is old news now, but that's what I brought up earlier. Everyone is talking about whether or not they should have fouled Bell, and my question was how in the hell do you even let him catch the ball behind the arc? Let him catch in the paint if necessary, because 2 points does them no good. Poor defensive execution.

I mocked the Cavs earlier for being in over their head, but I am eating those words now. I still think Detroit finally gets over themselves and pulls out the series.

The Spurs-Mavs series is a freakin' dogfight. There's just no breathing room. I think ultimately the Mavs will prevail, but now that I said that, they are probably doomed. Sorry, RVJ and Llama.
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