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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
Again, you show that your knowledge of basketball is almost as miniscule as your knowledge of the opposite sex (outside of the ones you've downloaded).
There was a thread on ChiefsPlanet a few months ago...regarding a young poster who is the son of another well known poster....basically he said he wanted to marry this girl and he had a) no job b) no education beyond high school c) no prior relationships before d) no plan on how they were going to live, task share, pay bills and e) had only been in the relationship for a short period of time.

I didnt know what I found more pathetic....that kid, or Bob on the same thread giving dating advice.

The latter, I know. How it was even close in my mind at the time, I dont know.
Merci Flower and Good Luck!

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