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Originally Posted by jossjeff
That was one brutal loss for this Clipper fan.

With a foul to give letting Bell get a clean look at a 3 point shot was pretty much unforgivable IMO.

I also don't like the idea of having a rookie guard their most lethal perimeter threat.

Regardless though, Bell stepped up and hit a monster pressure shot, gotta give it to him.

Hopefully the Clips can suck it up and force game 7.
Did you watch Inside the NBA afterwards? Kenny the jet showed how you were suppose to guard the three point line, not the basket, when the opposing team is down by three points. I wonder why Ewing was guarding the basket and not the three point line?

And whats up with Cassell? I thought he was suppose to be a leader? Everytime something goes bad he starts to sulk and yell at his teammates. I think all this leader talk has gone to his head. I would hate to play ball with a guy like that.
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