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Originally Posted by KipCorrington25
Well in my opinion not getting out of the second round for the Spurs would be underachieving. I think they would agree. I'll give you the not quitting part but Van Excrement is a quitter so he isn't helping their cause any. Perhaps they will prove me wrong, we will see.
That's the type of garbage this is.

I wouldnt say its underachieving.

I will give you this, NVE is a scrub out there and just brutal.

Of course the Spurs expectations are to get out of the second round but if they dont, it wont be because of underachieving.

Its more of unfulfilled expecations not underachieving. That word implies the team is not trying hard and not playing as a team and not caring about the task at hand.

They are running into a team w/ all of the answers.

So if its based on expectations, yeah, if they lose one more, they havent lived up to them but its not underachieiving if they lose to the Mavs.
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