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Originally Posted by Rulon Velvet Jones
Ring talk is hilarious.

I'll even give Gonzo credit in that he doesn't tout the rings the Celtics have.

Let me ask anyone that brings up the Spurs championships the same thing I've been asking them this past week - where are those rings going to get you this year? Besides a fishing trip?

TD's level of play has been equal to Dirk's in this playoff series, but it just happens that Dirk has a better more well-rounded offensive supporting cast than TD does right now.

Its just some here on this board have criticized TD's play and called out that he's "mentally-weak", which is STUPID.

Dirk hasn't led his team to the Finals and yet, some have annointed his performances as "Legendary".

Legendary titles come to players who have achieved greatness in the playoffs.

Dirk is on his way though to taking his game to the next level, beyond superstar.
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