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Emma Watson

Originally Posted by Rulon Velvet Jones
Ring talk is hilarious.

I'll even give Gonzo credit in that he doesn't tout the rings the Celtics have.

Let me ask anyone that brings up the Spurs championships the same thing I've been asking them this past week - where are those rings going to get you this year? Besides a fishing trip?

When comparing players it does come into play. You can whine all you want too about it but the fact is Dirk doesnt have squat yet. Does it matter this year? of course not but to talk a big game about a player who hasnt done anything while trashing another player ( a joke within itself ) is ludicrous. Instead of being classless and trashing a player why not concentrate your efforts on how well the Mavs are outplaying the Spurs. But since you and rest of the toolsheds just seem to whine about one player it makes you look even more ridiculous. My general point was is that Duncan has won something worthwhile whereas Dirk has not, thats the bottom line.
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