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Originally Posted by ro_50
At least Llama does.
I dont think it's fair to knock Bob because he gets excited about Dallas taking their play to the next level and decides to peek in and post on a basketball thread in a general forum on a rival's website in the offseason.

You are better than that, ro. We've had great cordial b-ball discussions in the past. There's no reason why you cant show your level of class to the hooligans and firestarters here on omane.

I would also like to add this...anyone who doubts where my fandom has been focused for the time that I have been on omane needs to refer to the search feature and take the time to do proper research. I dont think that there is another poster who has taken more heat for his "homeristic" takes on the Mavs for the past few seasons.

Another thing...check my "midseason awards" thread. It's right on the money, baby!
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