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Originally Posted by GonzoLays
That is what I don't get about bandwagon fans. How do you live and die with the Chicago Bulls for 10 years and then all of a sudden switch alliances and act as if you the most hardcore Mavs fan in America? He was a Bulls fan then, when the going got tough, he jumped on the upstart Mavericks bandwagon. And now he posts 20 times a day about the Mavs. If the Broncos started to lose he would jump on the Cowboys bandwagon.

Atleast Rulon Velvet Jones and Boob stayed with their teams through thick and thin.

If he did that, then thats awful. He turned his back on the Bulls, who are not that shabby anymore.

But this happens a lot, you dont see Bulls fans anymore. They were everywhere during the 90's and when their run ended, a lot of the hoppers hopped off.

They still sell out regularly and still have a decent fan base.

I remember when the Spurs first won the title in 1999, the feeling you got from being a fan for so many years. I know fans are not part of the team, we're not athletes or anything. But its great to see a team you root for finally win it after struggling for so many years.

To bad bangwagon or fairweather fans dont feel the same when their team wins.
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