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Originally Posted by ro_50
You got to be kidding, Llama really said that. When? Was it recently.

I admired and respected MJ but couldn't stand the Bulls. They use to always kick the Spurs butts in the 90's.

If this true, I have lost the respect (not that much to begin w/) I had for Llama.

That is what I don't get about bandwagon fans. How do you live and die with the Chicago Bulls for 10 years and then all of a sudden switch alliances and act as if you the most hardcore Mavs fan in America? He was a Bulls fan then, when the going got tough, he jumped on the upstart Mavericks bandwagon. And now he posts 20 times a day about the Mavs. If the Broncos started to lose he would jump on the Cowboys bandwagon.

Atleast Rulon Velvet Jones and Boob stayed with their teams through thick and thin.
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