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Matty P

well, dammit, i haven't been posting about the NBA for a week or so because i've been heartbroken. My Nuggs got their asses handed to them. I had to watch my lakers get dismantled in the midst of 11 drunk suns fans. I'm a beaten man.

On top of that, the player I hate the most in the NBA, dirk ****ing nowitski, is putting on the best postseason of his career. Damn you llama, and damn you rulon You can both suck a big fatty.

All in all, this has been on of the best postseasons in memory for me. TREMENDOUS games, heartbreaking upsets, buzzer beaters, spectacular D, rediculous shooting, rivalries, hard fouls, horrible officiating, fantastic bench production...I seriously have been enjoying these games more than any other postseason.

Lebron is flat out sick. That kid is truly incredible. He's had two triple doubles in his first postseason appearance, and is on his way to defeating one of the most solid teams in the league. unbelievable.

I swear the clippers we're going to be the clippers again when they all but squandered a 13 point lead in the forth, but once again the alien comes up big in the playoffs, and they even the series. THAT is going 7 games.

it really pains me to say this, but the Mavs look like they're out to stop the madness this year. Not so much that I guess, but the spurs just look old. I was under the impression that they'd come out and beat the crap out of Dirk and co, but man oh man they just can't finish. Dirk just won't stop. ugh.

Anyways, three cheers for a ****ing fantastic two rounds of NBA Postseason Play thus just keeps getting better and better.

and bob, you suck big donkey dick
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