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Originally Posted by GonzoLays
Originally Posted by Angryllama
Was I supposed to pull for Dallas in the playoffs? They had a couple of great 20-win seasons during that stretch and the mixture of Kidd/Jackson/Mashburn was unbearable on and off of the court. Living in Oklahoma, the only local sports I had to keep up with were OU sports.
I was definately an MJ(Chicago Bulls)fan. How could you not be?

You got to be kidding, Llama really said that. When? Was it recently.

I admired and respected MJ but couldn't stand the Bulls. They use to always kick the Spurs butts in the 90's.

If this true, I have lost the respect (not that much to begin w/) I had for Llama.

GEEZ. I've been a Spurs fan since 1989-90 when I was 10. I went through that 96-97 injury marred year and Spurs have had good fortune w/ the lottery (the Admiral and TD) but you know I will be rooting for them once their run is done.

I cant stand bangwagon fans and hoppers. I know misery, I'm a Cleveland Indians fan.

I went through all of those years as a Spurs fan when they couldnt win the big game. They were the Mavs of a decade earlier.

Freaking Rod Strickland's behind-the-back pass in game 7 of the 1990 Western Conference Semis, the meltdown in 94 against the Jazz in the first round.

And dont get me started on Hakeem, he is still abusing the Admiral in the 95 WCF in the back of my mind.

And the Spurs-Lakers battles through the years. My stereotype of Mavs fans are further enchanced by Llama and Bob.

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