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Originally Posted by Master___Pain
The above is the definition of a bandwagon gloryboy. I am glad you could outline it so well.

Okay, now that we've established that bob is a bandwagon fan, it's time to get back on track and talk NBA playoffs.

The cavs are giving Detroit all the pistons want right now...perhaps the Pistons are not as good as advertised?

The Heat can get to the ECC tonight with a win over the Nets.

The Mavs look like a lock for the WCC...but who will they face?

Can the Clippers get past the Suns? I think they can and thaey can give the Mavs a hell of a series too. The Suns are doing it with smoke and mirrors right now but have home court in the series. I think the Clips can take it though.
I have been impressed w/ the way the Heat have bounced back. They could be a much tougher matchup for the Pistons, provided they get past the Cavs, than I originally figured.

Out west, I think if the Mavs matchup well w/ both teams, the Suns and Clippers.

But I think the Clipps will give them a tougher mathcup.

I see the Mavs taking that series in 6 if it happens that way.

But as a Spurs fan, I have hope, believe in the impossible.
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