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Originally Posted by Bob's your Information Minister
That's a joke. Cuban's a b**** for sure but he's been complaining about the refs and getting fined for it for years now.

The Spurs are the NBA's biggest babies. Even a local talk-show radio host here, who is a Spurs fan, admitted it (Craig Miller of KTCK 1310AM). He said he was sick of it and it was embarrassing.

First off, I give as much respect to radio talk-show hosts as I do to OJ Simpson, which is none.

Every team whines and complains about the officiating.

Do you want me to replay last night's game, I will venture to say both teams whined about the officiating pretty evenly.

I admit TD gets upset w/ calls, Manu does as well and the others. But to say the Mavs players do not complain as well is laughable.

Again, Mavs fans w/ blinders.

They are all the same.
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