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Rock Hoover

Originally Posted by Bob's your Information Minister
Heh. Google. That's rich.

No my friend. I've been a Mavericks fan since they were winning 13 games a year back in the early 90's. I didn't really care to comment on the first series because I knew they were going to win. The grizzlies were pushovers.

Rebound, slam and jam! I'm a Dallas Mavericks fan! (for the ignorant, that's part of an original radio promo that the Mavericks' station ran back in the 90s. Any TRUE Mavericks fan on these forums that was living in Dallas at the time can probably verify).
I should check the hockey thread to see which teams bandwagon you've jumped on.

And I am not talking about the first series you dolt, I am talking about the over abundant number of threads all season long that have talked about Dirk and the Mavs. You been conspicuously absent from those threads....perhaps because you are a gloryboy?
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