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Originally Posted by ro_50
Two words: Derek Harper.

I remember when they had JK, Jimmy Jackson and Mash on the same team.

And Clemons came aboard, I thought those three were destined to do great things - TOGETHER..

Too bad Roy Tarpley never got his career going because of the drugs and that wasted pick of Doug White, what a bust.
What was really pathetic was when they brought back Derek Harper at the end of his career...and he was one of the better players on the team.

The three J's were idolized in Dallas...and two of them went to other teams and were no better than bit-players.

My favorite Mavs game of all time was back in 93 or 94...can't remember when, but I think they won about 15 games that year. Popeye Jones laid in the game winning shot against the heavily favored Bulls and Reunion Arena went wild. Reunion Arena was one of the loudest basketball arenas ever...
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