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Originally Posted by GonzoLays
It looks like all the yapping by Cuban has finally got to the refs and they are now afraid of "not calling" a call that could go either way and in Bowens case the was a clear offensive foul and the bumbling, barely speaka eenngalish Nowitzki.
What a joke. The Spurs have been getting all the calls for the better part of the new millenium. They whine like big babies when they are called for almost any foul, legit or not.

Game 1 in this series featured refereeing clearly slanted in San Antonio's series. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, how does it feel? Payback's a b****.

My favorite refereeing moment in last night's game was when the Spurs missed a shot that CLEARLY did not hit the rim. The refs still renwed the 24-second shot clock.

San Antonio got the ball and almost IMMEDIATELY they were called for an offensive foul.

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