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Chad Kelly

Can you believe that bull**** call on Bowen last night? Dirk had HIS ARM into Bowen, pushing him to the basket and they call the foul on the defender? That is absolute lunacy. And to make that call with under 10 seconds left in the game is unbelievable. It looks like all the yapping by Cuban has finally got to the refs and they are now afraid of "not calling" a call that could go either way and in Bowens case the was a clear offensive foul on the bumbling, barely speaka eenngalish Nowitzki.

Even with the officials clearly on the Mavs side, I still see the Spurs winning this series. All they have to do is win game 6 in Dallas. Which, as you guys have seen, they are very capable of. It is a forgone conclusion that Spurs are going to pound the Mavs in Game 5 in San Antonio. The Mavs can't beat the Spurs in a game 7 in San Antonio.

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