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I will not complain about the officiating anymore. I rewound the 4th quarter and just shook in amazement at some of the calls, especially the ones that went against Duncan.

But still, despite the shady calls, Spurs had a chance to win this game at the end of regulation, just like game 3 and they stumble down the stretch.

I have to give the Mavs credit, their guards have been outstanding and they have created many mismatches on the Spurs defense, which has been befuddled the past three games.

I wont complain anymore about the officiating, you have to play through that and championship teams do that.

I never thought the Spurs would struggle like this on defense, I knew the Mavs have many offensive weopens, but they are exposing the Spurs D.

And I'm happy for AJ, probably more so than Mavs fans are. I met the guy years ago after a Spurs game and you knew one day he was going to be a good head coach. It sucks he's a Mavs coach.

Its interesting to see the Mavs play w/ the toughness the Spurs have exhibited through the years.

AJ brought this team the toughness it was missing from the Nellie years.

I have to give them all the credit and I want to apologize for my complaining.

I guess when games are played a high level, like the last two have been, you let your emotions get the better of you.

Well, Spurs have to win three straight. The odds are stacked against them BIG TIME and they have to do it against a 60-win team.

Well, I guess its one game at a time.
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