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Wow that was a hard game to stomach if you are a Spurs fan. Someone tell me I was wrong about Duncan. He got away with a few calls, but the last three fouls they called on him (swiping a hand away (), a moving screen (was he moving), and taking the charge on an out of control Dirk Jordan Nowitzi) were crazy. If anyone taped the game, take a look at what the Dallas centers are getting away with when Harris drives to the basket. They block Duncan all the way to the other side of the lane. Cowboys guard Larry Allen must moonlight as an assistant coach.

Well, in spite of all that, SA had their shots and literally threw them away. I haven't seen this team execute so poorly down the stretch in a long time.

I know this sounds like sour grapes but you can tell when a team's time has come merely by the way the bounces (calls) seem to go. When Shaq and Kobe merged with Phil, they were tough, but utterly unstoppable when you throw in the calls they were able get (Sacramento Game 6 anyone?). SA definately was able to get generous calls the last few years and that aided their championship run. Looks as if it is Dallas's turn.

Even if SA had won, they were going to have to hold serve at home anyway. Now they got to try a take one in Dallas as well. If they get that chance.
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