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Paul Ernster

Originally Posted by JCMElway
OK Lud, you caught me lurking. Heh.

I don't know man. Detroit should have come out much stronger. Maybe they're respecting Lebron too much? Maybe Lebron is making that much of a difference. I'm gonna hate playing that guy in 2-3 years.

I still don't see Detroit losing the series, but it is annoying.

But I'm definetly willing to take my lumps for Detroit losing a game they should have won. So, open season boys!

I expected to see a ton of fire from them today. And its not that their not, caz they are.

But the Cavs are tightening the D, and the O is just hitting more shots unlike games 1 & 2.

Lebron is a stud, and the team really is growing in fron of our eyes. I mean, they are benching Gooden and Ilgauskas, and getting it done with bench guys. So the youngens are the guys playing hard.

108-107, SA ahead, they need a score here! Fun games tonight without a doubt!
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