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Chad Kelly

Originally Posted by ro_50
I now take whatever he says w/ grain of salt. I will just ignore him from now on. It was pretty funny for him to call TD mentally weak and Dirk's performance as comparable to Bird.

Geez, TD mentally weak. How many rings does Dirk have? 0. TD - 3. Finals MVPS - Dirk, 0. TD - 3. ENOUGH SAID.

Llama, yeah, TD is mentally weak. He played on two sprain ankles throughout last season's playoffs and won the RING.

This year, he's played on a plantar Fascitis injury the ENTIRE SEASON and now is single-handley keeping the Spurs around in this series.


Dirk should be lucky enough to be mentioned in the same class as him.

But he wont till he leads his team to the Finals.
And lets not forget that llama is the lowest form of fan known to man -- the bandwagoner. His favorite team USE to be the Chicago Bulls but after they began to struggle his shifted his alliances to the Steve Nash/ Dirk Nowitzksi led Mavericks. He makes no qualms about being a bandwagoner either.

After the Mavs lose this series I presume he will be a die hard Pistons fan next year.

I might be mistaken but didn't Llama use to claim the Lakers as his team as well until Shaq left?
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