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Chad Kelly

Originally Posted by ro_50
Blah, blah, blah. I expected this series to go 7 and I have always said the Mavs were on the Spurs level ALL SEASON. I'm not surprised they are up 2-1.

Hell, they could be up 3-0 but the Spurs could easily be up 2-1.

But I have never criticized the Mavs players, especially a great player like Dirk.

But through your posts, you have accused the Spurs of being whiners, TD being mentally weak and they get the favorable treatment from the refs.


Its good to be excited about your team but to constantly criticize the other team is pathetic.

So your post is misleading.
Llama posts are riddled with half-truths and off the wall hyperbole that only a psychiatric ward patient could understand his blatant abuse of reality.

* He once stated that if Dirk played in New York or LA he would have two consecutive MVP's by now. Nevermind the fact that Patrick Ewing never won an MVP while playing in New York or that Shaq only won ONE MVP while winning three straight championships. But yea, Dirk is getting screeeeeeewed.

* He believes the reason that Dirk didn't win the MVP is because he doesn't have a shoe commercial. Keep in mind that he REALLY believes this crap.

* He played the race card and said the Dirk wouldn't win the MVP because he wasn't "black."

* He actually compared Dirk's 9 free throws in a the fourth quarter of last night's game to Larry Bird. Actually he said was better than any of Bird's performances. He is not playing with a full deck here.

* One moment he calls Josh Howard "unreliable and unworthy of being a starting forward in this league" to "I compare him to Scottie Pippen. I've always said he was the next Scottie Pippen." He is not the smartest guy around here.

Overall, just take everything he says with a grain of salt. He bends the facts, flip-flops, and generally will lie his way out of any situation.
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